What else do you need to know about the major Dubai attractions


UAE is a country that is blessed to have a number of cities that can make people fall in love with the country of UAE. UAE consists of seven emirates. When one decides to go on a UAE trip so the most difficult question for them is that to which city tour one should go for in UAE and what will be the major attractions of that city? If you are planning to come to UAE so being a tour operator I would suggest you to visit Dubai first and book your deal for Dubai tour.

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Why go for the Dubai Tour?
Dubai tour
offers you the best kind of Dubai attractions. Dubai is a city that is known to have everything. Dubai has tall buildings, vast deserts, luscious lakes, parks filled with greenery, beautiful mosques and many other places as well. You will get lost in the beauty of these Dubai attractions once after entering the city of Dubai. But before booking your deal for Dubai Tour let me tell you about these Dubai attractions one by one.

Know everything about Dubai attractions:
Let me start one by one.

Sheikh Zayed Road:
This is the famous road in Dubai and the places within this road are very beautiful and you will fall in love with each and very pace on this road. So I must say that a road trip to this tour is a must one in your Dubai Tour.

Burj Khalifa:
This is a very famous Dubai’s skyscraper. The view that you will get to see through this skyscraper is amazing and especially the night view of Dubai. This building is a major attraction among all the attractions in Dubai.

Burj Al Arab Hotel:
The most beautiful and famous hotel to exist in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab hotel. If you want to experience the luscious lifestyle for a day then a visit to this hotel in your Dubai Tour is a must one.

Palm Jumeirah:
This is a very popular island in Dubai which has a lot of resorts in it and these resorts are very comfortable and are a must visit on your Dubai Tour.

Dubai Creek:
Dubai Creek is a very famous harbor in Dubai and has played a major role in making Dubai Developed.

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Historical bastakiya:
This place displays the old Dubai and all the historical and cultural aspects attached to old Dubai in a colorful manner.

Dubai Museum:
Just like historical Bastakiya, Dubai Museum also displays the aspects of old Dubai.

Want to see the most famous hotel? Visit Atlantis which is located near the Jumeirah beach.

Jumeirah Beach:
Want to see a beach in Dubai all covered in white sand? Visit Jumeirah beach in Dubai. This is a very beautiful beach and the beauty of this beach will make you fall in love with this beach and the city of Dubai.


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